Love Bytes: Boyfriend-Shaming Can Land You In Jail

Viral Video: Woman Shaming Her Boyfriend Is Arrested

Plus, signs you're being too needy in your relationship.

Ladies, take notes from this viral video: this can get you arrested. A woman who was seen in a viral video belittling her flirtatious boyfriend in public was arrested after the incident and charged with simple assault. Watch the video and make the call for yourself. (Huffington Post Weird News)

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We tend to put ourselves under so much stress on date night. What should I wear? Will he be The One? What's our future look like? Stop it! Date in the moment with these tips! (Essence)

You might want to cut down on this staple in your diet: it's been recently linked to a higher risk of prostate cancer. (Starts With You)

Here are two heavy questions: If you take a man back after he cheats, have you given him a free pass to do it again? And is leaving him after his infidelity the only way to make him understand what he did? The answer might surprise you. (Madame Noire)

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