Tweet With Us Tonight During 'My Big Fat Revenge' & Win $500 AMEX

'My Big Fat Revenge's Hillary Confronts Her Jerky Boyfriend

Hillary gets her revenge tonight, while one lucky winner will score a prize pack valued at $1,000!

What was this guy thinking?!

After dating for nearly a year and a half, Alex—Hillary's now ex-boyfriend—gave her an engagement ring. Except he intentionally purchased a ring two sizes too small, and told Hillary she needed to drop enough weight for the ring to fit before they would be engaged. 

So what did Hillary do? She dumped Alex, joined forces with Oxygenadopted a healthy and active lifestyle, and tonight on My Big Fat Revenge, you'll see her finally confront Alex about his jerk behavior. 

What's more, live tweet with Hillary on @oxygen and us from 9PM — 10PM EST while the episode airs. Follow @YourTango and include the hashtag #Mybigfatrevenge and one lucky tweeter will be selected at random to receive a prize pack including $500 AMEX, $300 Whole Foods card, and two $100 Fitbits. 

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