Love Bytes: 7 Ways To Escape Toxic Relationships

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Plus, what if your guy is still VERY close with his ex?

For the uninitiated or limited in vocabulary, a cuckold is a man whose wife has had an affair. Buuuuuut it's also, evidently, an internet fetish for the man, the woman, her well-endowed sex partner and purveyors of porn. Buuuuuut does this particular kick really exist outside of erotic fan fiction, pornography and airline pilots? (Em & Lo)

Jeez. Speaking of things people only see in porn… a man gets busted for arranging gangbangs (a single woman with multiple sex partners). It turns out he may have charged men to help a woman get to 45 "partners" on her 45th birthday. (Huffington Post)

What do you do if your friends-with-benefits (sex benefits, mostly) doesn't wish you a happy, happy birthday? Hmm. I'm guessing it's a different kind of benefit. (ANewMode)

Outside of the Toxic Avenger films, toxic things are not fun (nor campy, kitchy b-film extravaganzas). Especially relationships. You could fake your death (though that's likely illegal) or you could try these 7 techniques for getting out of something bad before it gets really bad. (TheStir)

But what happens if you're in something really good and he's still friends with is ex? Is trust an answer? (ANewMode)

The opposite of Henry VIII has given his wife 12 boys in 12 tries. I hope no one loses her head over this. (I haven't been sleeping well.) (WetPaint)

South Korea wants 20-somethings to start getting married n' stuff and now they're creating incentives. My advice is NOT to throw in an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles. (TheDailyBeast)

Evidently, there is a thing called "emotional nudity" that women way want to consider stopping doing online. (

Who would you trust sex tips from most: porn "actress," Playboy "model" or feminist? Compare these 16 tips from all three and pick. (College Candy)

You're regularly checking out the Missed Connections section of Craigslist and 11 other signs that you may be sabotaging your relationship. (Glo)

He's thinkin' maybe we see how this plays out. She's thinkin' put a ring on it NOW. How do they reconcile this sticky wicket? (Hello Beautiful)

And how men could go about having more sex. And it's not just be really attractive, charming and, ideally, rich. (GoodMenProject)

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