Exclusive! Jerry O'Connell: Rebecca Romijn Is 'My Best Friend'

Exclusive! Jerry O'Connell On Marriage & Parenting

Jerry and his wife leave love notes for each other—how cute is that?!

He plays a twice divorced, Speedo-wearing doctor in the CBS fall buddy comedy We Are Men, but Jerry O'Connell is the furthest thing from a swinging single in real life. Married to actress Rebecca Romijn for six years, he's the sometimes overwhelmed but extremely proud father of their 4-year-old fraternal twins, Dolly and Charlie.

At home, O'Connell, 39, may be outnumbered by females, but he wouldn't have it any other way:

YourTango: Was it love at first sight when you first met Rebecca?
Jerry O'Connell: Definitely. Have you looked at her? For me it was. I don't know about her. It took some convincing on her part. I got her phone number and it took close to a week. I pretty much hammered her on the phone. I continually called. I was relentless. I think she finally went out with me just to get rid of me.

YourTango: How did you propose?
Jerry O'Connell: I thought about doing it at a ballpark but I was afraid she'd say no. So it was just she and I.

YourTango: What makes your relationship so solid?
Jerry O'Connell: We'd like to get divorced, but neither one of us wants to take our children! We laugh a lot. My wife is my best friend. I would hope that Rebecca would say the same. We just giggle. And it's fun to go through parenthood of twins.

YourTango: How do you stay connected when you're apart for work?
Jerry O'Connell: We're pretty good with texting. If one of us travels we'll leave a little note in the underwear drawer, like "Love you, see you soon." We're fun with each other. We're a couple of pals that go out; we're just really good friends.

YourTango: What's your idea of a great date night?
Jerry O'Connell: No children! That's first and foremost.

YourTango: Do you have a nanny?
Jerry O'Connell: No, a sitter that's willing to stay late.

YourTango: Is there a couple whose relationship you admire?
Jerry O'Connell:
Yeah. My co-star Tony Shalhoub and his wife have been together for like 25 years.

YourTango: Are relationships tougher in Hollywood?
Jerry O'Connell: I think all relationships are hard. The divorce rate is the same everywhere.

YourTango: When you have an argument, how do you resolve it?
Jerry O'Connell: You take the righteousness out of any statement you're making. That's from years of therapy, by the way. There, I just saved everyone thousands of dollars!

YourTango: What do you love most about fatherhood?
Jerry O'Connell: I joke about how crazy my kids are, but they're at the age now where they're talking, they're being funny, they're laughing a lot. It's fun being a parent, other than putting them to sleep. They don't want to go to sleep. My wife is really good at laying down the law. My kids listen to her but they don't listen to a word I say.  It's not like I'm a slacker parent, it's just girls and daddies. If they ask me for chocolate ice cream at 9:30 at night, mom isn't around to say no and put them in their room, so I get them ice cream. I find myself not being able to say no. I have problems scolding them. They're just little girls. I can't even yell at them.

YourTango: Who do they take after?
Jerry O'Connell: Dolly takes after my wife and Charlie takes after me.

YourTango: What was your reaction to news you were having twins?
Jerry O'Connell: We found out a couple months in. It was shocking. I was in denial. I felt like I had to go get a job, now I had two to watch out for. It's scary, it's exciting. It's the best.

YourTango: What are they into at 4?
Jerry O'Connell: Dolly's into princesses, Charlie's into cowboys.

YourTango: So no fighting over the same stuff?
Jerry O'Connell: Oh, there have been a couple of fights I've had to break up.

YourTango: How have the twins made your relationship stronger?
Jerry O'Connell: Neither of us could raise both of them by ourselves so they keep us together because we need to work as a team. And it's cool having a family. It's really fun. We have our wedding album on the coffee table and they look through it. It's really nice.

YourTango: Want a third?
Jerry O'Connell: No!

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