Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Sneaking In A Weekend Wedding?

Love: Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez Sneak In A Weekend Wedding?

Let's not make any rash judgments, but these two might be rushing to the altar.

The rumor mill is on fire with reports that sexy couple Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez will head to the altar this weekend. The couple originally met in 2011 while filming Dark Tide.

Never heard of it? Not surprised. The best thing to come out of that practically straight to DVD movie is their relationship.

But why now? Why wed this weekend?

Aside from Berry swearing off marriages and then later eating her words—literally eating her words when speaking to Extra saying, "I swore it off, right? Never say never, people!" She's been engaged to Olivier since March 2012 and she's expecting their first child, a son, in April.

She's prolonged it this long and with an ever growing belly, it's hard to understand why she'd want to waddle down the aisle in white.

Ok, let's be honest. She's still looking more fabulous than I ever will as a single gal, attempting to nurture a failing gym routine.

Here are the top 3 reasons I can rationalize the rush:

1. She finally fell out of the trance that sparkly rock on her ring finger caused. The emerald and diamond engagement ring is a true stunner and could distract anyone for over a year at least.

2. She figures third time's a charm! Prior to Olivier, Halle married David Justince in 1993 and Eric Benet in 2001. We're not going to count the five year relationship she had with Gabriel Aubry that ended in 2010 with a HUGE explosion. He didn't put a ring on it, just a bun in the oven.

3. She can do it all. If nothing else, this Academy Award winning actress proves: she can have it all. A successful career, a [few] chances at love, a daughter, a son, and a temper so fierce that only she could get away with it.

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