Welcome To 'Dating In The Digital Age' 2013!

Love & Technology: Dating In The Digital Age 2013
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Here's something to retweet: 95% of YourTango readers have used Facebook to land dates!

Instagram, 'selfies', sexting, dating websites — we can't decide whether technology has complicated our love lives or made them more convenient (or both?). But one thing's for sure, we could talk about the topic for days — make that two weeks, to be exact!

Welcome to our first annual 'Dating In The Digital Age' campaign! From now through June 25th, we'll explore the exhilarating highs (gah! You're Facebook official!) and the nail-biting lows (um, did he just break up with me on Twitter?) of looking for love and maintaining healthy relationships in the era of technology.

From May 20 - June 2, 2013, we used SurveyMonkey to poll 469 YourTango to see just what your digital dating habits are, anyway. And what did we find out? According to our Dating In the Digital Age 2013 survey, about 95% of you have hit up Facebook looking for dates! Sadly, only a fraction have found real love there. And real love is where it's at: 63% of you said you've joined dating sites looking for something serious — but you haven't given up on looking for love IRL just yet.

"Interestingly, despite the innumerable digital ways to find love, most people prefer the old-fashion way!" says Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO. "Respondents report the best places to find great dates are through social activities; followed by getting set up by friends or family. Free dating sites ranked third." 

So, whether you're mingling on OKCupid or you're in an LTR and addicted to Instagramming your love, check in with us each day as we bring you two weeks' worth of stories that explore everything from smartphone etiquette (we're looking at you, 'selfie' enthusiasts) to online dating strategies (it's all about your opening line) to the newest wedding trends inspired by the internet (think customized wedding hashtags). YourTango experts will weigh in on how to use technology to find real love, and our favorite writers will share personal essays about the intersection of love and technology.

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Ready, set ... let's get digital!

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