'Gossip Girl' Stylist Eric Daman On Kim's Pregnancy Look & More

'Gossip Girl's' Eric Daman Talks Serena & Blair's Wedding Dresses

Eric Daman has styled both 'Gossip Girl' and 'The Carrie Diaries.' Now he's got advice for you!

Dressing Serena van der Woodsen and Carrie Bradshaw is no joke—the two CW characters are nothing less than style icons. Whether it's finding the perfect pair of stilettos for leggy Blake Lively to wear while strutting the Upper East Side or selecting accessories to match AnnaSophia Robb's 80s attire, Eric Daman knows what works (and what doesn't). So, listen up, Kim Kardashian. 

YourTango: Kim Kardashian seems to be having issues styling herself for her pregnancy. Do you have any tips for her and other women who are expecting?
Eric Daman:
I think Kim Kardashian is getting a lot of heat. I think she's actually, other than the Met Ball, she's doing a pretty great job, you know? I think she looked amazing in her bikini, and I think the body concept works for Kim because that's what Kim is. I think she looks great in it.  I think for women that want to be fashion forward, the body con trend is great for them. I think a lot of people in contemporary pregnancies want to show off their curves and their pregnancy a little bit more. They are a little bit more proud to be pregnant women. I think the tighter tops and the more form fitting stuff—I think it's fun. If that's not for you, there are some really great trends and a lot of fun colors that could be the statement instead of your belly, if you're feeling a little uncomfortable. You could do a great pair of skinny jeans and a kind of over sized top in a great color.

YourTango: What's one thing you wish women would wear more often?
Eric Daman:
Color. I think a lot of women are afraid of color. We're doing a whole kind of spring color thing here with Century 21, but a lot of women are afraid to wear color. I would like to see more bright colors on women. I think a great way to start is with accessories. A lot of women do like to wear greys and blacks. There are a lot of amazing bright colored accessories out there. You could do a great statement bag or a pair of blue shoes. There are really great pieces that kind of can help you integrate color into your wardrobe.

YourTango: For Gossip Girl, what's your No. 1 look for Serena and your No. 1 look for Blair?
Eric Daman: I really enjoyed the finale of the show. I really feel we pulled out all the big guns, and it was just couture, couture, couture. Blair's baby blue wedding dress from Elie Saab, and Serena's gold dress. Those two. The ending episode was kind of like the book end of fashion for me, kind of like, we wanted couture, and it was all one-of-a-kind. We had Chuck's suit custom made for the wedding, and Penn's wedding suit was one-of-a-kind McQueen.  And it was kind of like we are really going to push this finale to the fashion threshold of the world. KEEP READING

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