Love On TV: Alex Karpovsky Tells Us What's Next For 'Girls'

Alex Karpovsky

Exclusive! Alex Karpovsky gives YourTango the scoop on Season 3, which started filming last week.

Girls' second season wrapped with train wreck Marnie wrapping Charlie around her finger (again), Jessa being Jessa and going completely MIA, Shosh savoring her newfound single life (bring on the doormen!), and Adam—literally—knocking down the door to rescue Hannah from a full-blown meltdown.

Since then, Christopher Abbott (Charlie) announced his departure from the hit HBO show, so we know Marnie won't fulfill her finale wish list to make her back-on love a snack and have his little brown babies. But what about Shoshanna and Ray? Will he learn to like something other than ... her? And will Hannah get her OCD in check? (Here's to hoping she grows out that DIY haircut.) 

For the latest on Girls' third season, we chatted with Alex Karpovsky (Ray) at the Amar'e Stoudemire: In The Moment event, and here's what we learned:

YourTango: What's the latest with the next seaon of Girls?  

Alex Karpovsky: We just started filming last week, so I can't really talk about anything yet.

YourTango: Shiri Appleby and Colin Quinn guest-starred last year; who do you hope is next?

Alex Karpovsky: I would love to work with people like Elliott Gould and Paul Giamatti and Michael Shannon. Those are just some of the actors that I really, really, really love. In my dream world, they would come onto the show or we would collaborate in some capacity in the future, but it's out of my hands.

YourTango: Have you been in touch with Christopher Abbott since he announced he is leaving the show?

Alex Karpovsky: I haven't, no.

YourTango: What changes do you predict for next season?

Alex Karpovsky: Well, I think one of the things we did in season two that I liked a lot and I hope we continue doing in season three, is we were really studying the back stories of these characters. What are their fears and insecurities? What are their true ambitions? What are the things holding them back from pursuing their ambitions? I hope there's more of that character development and back-story in season three.

YourTango: Do you think Marnie will make it as a singer?

Alex Karpovsky: She's got a great voice.

YourTango: What about Hannah's love life? What road do you see her taking?

Alex Karpovsky: I honestly don't know that much stuff yet. They haven't written the whole season, I don't think, so I don't think anybody really knows.

YourTango: Are you working on any other projects?

Alex Karpovsky: I acted in the new Coen Brothers movie, which is playing at Cannes next month, so I'm excited about that.

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