Exclusive! Ludacris Shares His Thoughts On Michelle Obama


YourTango talks with Ludacris about his Black History Month traditions and more!

Looking forward to Fast & Furious 6 and his new album Ludaversal dropping in 2013, rapper Ludacris shares his thoughts on Black History Month, Michelle Obama and his inspiration exclusively with YourTango at the Billboard relaunch party.

YourTango: February is Black History Month; have you done anything special this month to celebrate?
Ludacris: Man, I instagram something every single day about Black history.

YT: What does Black History Month mean to you?
L: It's really important for me to make sure I spread the word and try to get people to understand that you can't go forward without knowing what happened in the past. It's extremely important to me, and I feel like it motivates our culture and our people.

YT: Michelle Obama: Best First Lady yet?
L: The best first lady we've had? Of course. 100 percent. Love Michelle Obama.

YT: Who inspires you, both professionally and personally?
L: My daughter. That's my inspiration. She's 11 years old. She actually has a website of her own. She's an entrepreneur. It's called Karma's World. It's an educational website, so she has songs on there that pretty much are between the grades of first and sixth grades; educational songs for all of the kids and for all different subjects: math, history, science. It's something you should definitely check out. Revolutionizing education.

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