Penelope Cruz's Pregnant Sister Monica Cruz Used a Sperm Donor

Monica Cruz

Are we about to see a rise in celebrity pregnancies via sperm donors?

Earlier this week, Penelope Cruz's gorgeous younger sister Monica—those are some amazing genes—announced on her blog that she was pregnant via artificial insemination courtesy of an anonymous sperm donor.

As reported by Us, the single 35-year-old wrote: "A 40-year-old woman is very young and she feels very young, but the maternity thing goes another way. It is measured with another clock that unfortunately we do not control. I've become very informed on the subject. It turns out that after 37 the possibilities of becoming pregnant decrease at an alarming rate." 

So are we likely to see a flock of other celebrities follow suit soon? 

Probably not, explains YourTango expert and author Dina Colada. "Celebrities are trendsetters in fashion and music, but I don't predict [using a sperm donor] will have a domino effect in Hollywood. Just because one celeb is artificially inseminated, doesn't mean the other single celebs will follow like sheep. Celebs are the trendsetters, not followers."

However, Monica's not alone in traveling the untraditional route to start her family: Diane Keaton has never been married and adopted two children, Elizabeth Banks and her husband used a surrogate for their two children, while January Jones refuses to even identity her baby's father.

While turning to sperm donors is less common, Colada applauds Penelope's look-alike for speaking publicly about her decision.  "It doesn't matter if she is 35 or 25; when a woman feels as deeply as Monica Cruz does about sharing her life with a child, there will be no stopping her ... She is an inspiration."

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