10 Valentine's Day Ideas That Kick Netflix And Chill's Ass


Valentine’s Day is the one day a year that it’s totally acceptable to give the person you’ve got romantic inclinations to a giant stuffed bear and enough sweets to give an elephant diabetes as a way of declaring your love. But once you’ve been around the ol’ Valentine’s Day block a few times, your wine ‘n’ dine and chocolate heart gifts might get just a touch less sweet with every passing year. Let’s face it: No one wants the mystery box of chocolates that gets left over after every Valentine’s Day. You know, the one you’ll inevitably have to throw out? The one with bite marks taken out of the weird pseudo-caramel and whatever those pink-filled chocolates are?

So what can you do if you really want to blow away your significant other on Valentine’s Day and give them a romantic, amazing date that they’ll never forget? Well, you’re going to have to think outside the chocolate box for this one, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard… or even expensive.

There are dozens of ways that you can make your lover feel all the wonderful emotion you have for them, and not all of them require standing in line for four hours to spend a hundred bucks on a fancy dinner. You’ll want something with a “wow” factor that can make Cupid’s arrow point just a little further in your direction for this sweetest of nights. Out of ideas? Or maybe you just want to try something new this V-day? Well, then we’ve got you covered. Toss the candies in the trash, cancel that dinner reservation, and try your hand at giving your date (and yourself) the most romantic night of your lives that you’ll be able to recall for years to come.

Here are 10 awesome, unique Valentine’s Day ideas that are sure to make you fall in love all over again… and have a good time, too!

1. Burlesque Show

Spend this Valentine's Day getting sultry by taking your date to a burlesque show. These old-timey acts are more sexy than skanky (think feather boas, long gloves, fans and tasseled pasties). Talented performers often accompany the campy humor and killer costumes.

2. Indoor Picnic


Skip the restaurant scene, where you'll inevitably be stuck with an overpriced pre-fixed menu and a seat that leaves you knee-to-knee with other star-crossed lovebirds. Spend your Valentine's Day dinner enjoying an indoor picnic instead. Spread out the blanket, break out the fancy accouterments — and don’t forget the bubbly.

3. "Glamping"

Let’s face it: camping isn’t always sexy (bug spray and outdoor toilets can be a romance buzzkill, to say the least). But "glamping" (glamorous camping) can make for the ultimate Valentines Day stay-cation. Pitch a tent (not that kind) in the backyard or even the bedroom, whip up a batch of s’mores, light up the fireplace (on DVD) and get all cozy in that sleeping bag for deux.

4. Roller Skating


Most dates will be hitting the ice skating rink come Valentine's Day, so go old school by taking your date roller skating instead. Bust out your tube socks and short shorts — the roller rink makes for a super-fun Valentine's Day setting. You can hang out in the arcade, buy your date a candy necklace, and get cozy for a couple's skate.

5. Comedy Show

Some say laughter is an aphrodisiac, and who are we to argue with that logic? Also, what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to laugh your butt off? Grab a date and head to the nearest comedy club for an off-the-grid V-Day experience.

6. Hot Yoga

Flexible? Get steamy with a Valentine's Day "hot yoga" class for two. The flow of the poses in the heated room will increase blood flow and boost your endorphins — plus your partner will look sexy in a sweaty downward dog. The best part? A shower is absolutely necessary after this type of class, so make it a shower for two.

7. Bowling


Bowling may not reek of romance, but c'mon, it's fun! Throw back a few cold ones, grab some junk food and settle in for some healthy competition this Valentine's Day. Make things a little more interesting by keeping score and promising the winner a Valentine's Day "prize."

8. Concert


Skip the opera this Valentine's Day and head straight for the ultimate rock-n-roll date: take your Valentine to see his or her favorite band. Or just hit up a local music venue for a live show, maybe going to see Jay-Z or Fun. is a perfectly romantic Valentine's Day gift. 

9. Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Design a sexy scavenger hunt for your honey this Valentine's Day. Create clues that lead to special places you’ve been together and reward them with sexy prizes. (Try recreating your first kiss.) Bonus: This can be completely free, and you'll score major points for creativity.

10. Salsa Dancing

You don't have to watch "Dancing with the Stars" to know that salsa is super sexy. Work off your Valentine's Day dinner by hitting up a Latin club, or take a lesson for two. Online deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial often offer coupons on dance lessons, so check before hit the dance floor.

But wait ... that's not all! 

If you're in or around one of the major cities below, hit up one of these unique spots on Valentine's Day! We guarantee every other couple will be busy with their traditional price fix V-Day dinners (yawn) while you're taking in the coolest experience in town.

San Diego: Tijon Parfumerie
Think you already have amazing chemistry? Try formulating your very own his-and-hers fragrances at this boutique parfumerie in La Jolla. Get intoxicated on pheromones as you tour their Perfume Lab, then blend a custom scent for each other using ingredients from the Caribbean (where the company is headquartered) and other remote locations. The family-run business provides a cozy, intimate perfume- and cologne-creation experience. 7853 Herschel Ave., La Jolla, CA 92037, Ph: (619) 821-8219

Miami: Line Drive
The couple that plays together stays together, so hit up the batting cages at Line Drive. Batting, catching and pitching lessons are available for serious competitors, or you can just play 10 rounds in the batting cage. There's nothing like working up a little sweat together. 8770 S.W. 131st St, Miami, Florida 33176; Ph: 305-259-8600

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New York: Neue Galerie
Hey, New Yorkers: Think you've visited all the art museums in the city? Try the lesser-known Neue Galerie New York this Valentine's Day. This museum features early twentieth-century German and Austrian art and design, including works by artists such as Gustav Klimt, creator of beloved paintings like The Kiss and Tree of Life1048 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10028, Ph: (212) 628-6200

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