Which Hot Celeb Couple Is Honeymooning In Space?!


One lucky couple is taking their honeymoon ... to the moon.

After their shocking marriage, we should be expecting such a spectacular honeymoon. But, we weren't expecting it to be THIS extreme.

This A-list celeb married her third husband recently, and the details are rolling out. So where will the newlyweds be taking their honeymoon (or at least one of their honeymoons)?

Thanks to a gift froma family member, the bride and groom will have the opportunity to take a trip to space. According to The Telegraph, the generous relative gifted the couple with two tickets aboard a flight to space, valued around $200,000 per ticket.

The trip beyond this world will take them on a two-hour flight 60 miles above the earth. Passengers will reportedly experience weightlessness and get to see the planet’s curve.

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