Say What? 10 Celebs Talk Spending Holidays With Their Loved Ones

Jack Osbourne & Lisa Stelly

How will you celebrate?

Whatever your holiday plans may be, enjoying time with those more important to you is most likely on the top of your list. And although they may be completely different than you and me, that’s one thing that stays the same even for our favorite celeb couples. So, how are they spending the holidays with their loved ones?

"I have everything I want," Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa Stelly told E! We’d say she’s referring to her new hubby and their adorable 6-month-old daughter Pearl. The couple is planning on enjoying “a lot of family and a lot of food” over the holidays. “The house is decorated to the nines,” Osbourne said. “We have two Christmas trees; not one – but two! And, we’re getting a third. Lisa’s family’s coming to stay, so we’re getting a third for the guest house.” Awww!

For sexy man Channing Tatum and soon-to-be mother Jenna Dewan-Tatum, it will be a little different. "This year we are not doing gifts and we are going on a really wonderful, lavish vacation," the pregnant actress said. "So that's our gifts to each other. Just time together. At this point, we don't really need anything else. We just want to spend some much needed time together."

When it comes to glamour, Kim, Kourney, Khloe and Rob Kardashian know all about what’s in. But for the holidays, they go with tradition. Plus a little Kanye! “My mom has a really big Christmas party every year on Christmas eve,” said the only Kardashian brother. “We all sleep over at the house, and on Christmas morning we wake up at 6 a.m. and do presents. They all make breakfast, all the girls. We watch basketball. It’s a family day.” Rob also shared with E! he may even dress up as Santa for his new niece Penelope and nephew Mason.

Tell us: what are your holiday plans with your loved ones?

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