Which Sexy Couple Urges Fans To Help Hurricane Victims?

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This celebrity and his girlfriend are using the paparazzi to help in the Hurricane Sandy relief.

While Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield started this trend a few months ago, it's good to see other celebrity couples catching on and using their exposure to make a difference in the world. We all know this singing front man for his good looks and hit songs, but it turns out that this guy's got a good heart too.

When he and his girlfriend were being stalked this weekend by the paparazzi, rather than run and hide from them, they decided to use their celebrity power of publicity for good. He wrote "Text Red Cross to 90999" on a piece of paper and held it up for the paparazzi following him to photograph. Paps get their photo, Hurricane Sandy victims get help and everyone goes home happy. We're assuming the group of residents organizing relief efforts for the victims were also pretty thrilled when they stopped to hang out.

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