VH1 Star Jackie Christie Spills On The Foundation Of Marriage

Doug & Jackie Christie

'Basketball Wives L.A.' star Jackie Christie spills all her marriage, love & life secrets!

We all know the Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives L.A. as the girl who doesn’t get along with the other wives, but has an amazing relationship with her husband, retired NBA player Doug Christie. The two have renewed their vows this year for the 17th time, and we had to get all the details! We sat down with her to get all the dirt on the reality star’s love life with her husband, her kids and of course, with the rest of the basketball wives.

Tell me about you renewing your vows.
We renew our vows every year; it brings everyone together, and we always have a theme. This year, our theme was equal rights. We wanted to bring awareness to the LGBT community. We get remarried every year, and we think everyone should be able to.

You’ve written six books. Tell us about Sexual Relations: A His and Hers Guide to Greater Intimacy.
Yes, I’ve been lucky to have written these books. [Sexual Relations] is about how to be intimate. One main part is communication, telling your man on a daily basis how you feel. It’s about sexiness, celebrity tips … in a way, it’s a handbook! I’ve always wanted to be a writer.

We see your daughter on the show. Will we be seeing more of her this season?
Yeah, my daughter recently moved out which you'll see. You never want your baby to go away! She's 19, really into fashion, already has two books out. She's actually producing a documentary show, which is coming out soon, too. She's so strong-willed.

How do you keep your romance alive with Doug after so many years?
Communication is really important. It’s the foundation of our marriage. You can still have a separate life from one another, but long-term, you have to be able to tell your mate how you feel. We’re lovers and best friends. Our main secret is communication. We have respect for ourselves, each other and each other’s families. We get involved in each other’s goals and are intertwined.

How has being on Basketball Wives L.A. changed your life and relationship with Doug?
Well, there’s ups and downs to the show. It’s entertainment and yes, it’s real. They show us having a good time, sharing what’s going on in real life. They show what the viewers want to see. I’ve become a more open person, and I don’t judge others.

What’s the worst part?
It’s when the others decide to make me out as the bad guy!

What can we expect from this season?
I think the viewers will be pleasantly surprised! A lot is going to happen; you see who people really are and the levels people go to to hurt someone.

Many people look up to couples like you and Doug. Who’s the celebrity couple you look up to?
It has to be Barack and Michelle Obama. You can tell they really love and respect each other’s values. They appreciate one another.

You can catch Basketball Wives L.A. on VH1 at Mondays at 8 PM Eastern time.

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