Emma Roberts Vs. Julia Roberts: Who Was A Sexier 'Pretty Woman?'

Emma Roberts & Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts' niece Emma Roberts took on 'Pretty Woman' for Halloween, made famous by her aunt!

It was the weekend before Halloween, so it was no surprise that celebs like Emma Roberts were dressed up. However, it was a little odd that she took on a sexy hooker costume that was made famous by her own family. So, was it a tribute to her aunt, who turned 45 yesterday?

On Saturday, Emma Roberts attended a Halloween party with her American Horror Story boyfriend Evan Peters. For a costume, she decided to rock a replica of her aunt Julia Roberts' hooker outfit in 1990's Pretty Woman, complete with a skimpy white tank connected (with a gold ring) to an even skimpier blue skirt, a blonde wig and of course those tall black boots.

Although Emma wasn't even born until after the movie came out, we've got to say she looked pretty hot in the hooker costume. The 21-year-old Scream 4 star may just be following in her aunt's footsteps—in acting, we hope.

Julia, who turned 45 on Sunday, hasn't commented on her niece's outfit. However, we did realize that Emma could have gone as a variety of Julia's characters—Tink from Hook, Erin Brockovich from Erin Brockovich, or even as Maggie Carpenter, the famous Runaway Bride. And, if she was going to pick dressing as Vivian, she should have gotten her beau to throw on a suit and go as Edward.

So, what do you think? Did Emma Roberts do a good sweet-girl-prostitute or is Julia Roberts part only meant for her?

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