3 Cheap, Classy Date Ideas Around The Country

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When it comes to a first date, not every woman is going to be impressed by drinks and a burger.

When it comes to a first date, not every woman is going to be impressed by drinks and a burger. If you are looking to woo a sophisticated modern woman, you're going to have to come prepared with activities that showcase both effort and class.

Unfortunately, the cost of a classy outing can often be just that: costly. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. "Class" is just another way of exhibiting refinement and being in-step with the times—these concepts don’t need to be tied to a plump price tag.

As it turns out, there are a multitude of first date options that will impress even the most cosmopolitan of ladies, but won’t drain your bank account. By delving into Bundle.com's  vast reserves of data based on billions of aggregated, anonymous consumer credit card transactions throughout the United States, we were able to cull some classy first date alternatives that are secretly affordable.

We won't tell if you won't.

1. Weekend Brunch
Brunch is a criminally underutilized first date alternative. But this weekend breakfast/lunch hybrid offers many advantages over the typical nighttime rendezvous. First off, it's generally cheaper than a dinner of comparable quality—typically, the only difference between a top-notch dinner and top-notch brunch is the time on the clock.

The Clinton Street Baking Company, for example, is one of Manhattan's most renowned brunch spots (our data shows this popular eatery is overwhelmingly attractive for the dating demo—68% singles, 41% between ages 26 to 35). However, the numbers also show that the typical (median) cost per transaction at Clinton Street—where brunch entrees run anywhere between $10 and $20—is only $46 (inclusive of tax and tip).

While $46 may be a bit more than you're willing to pay for what cynics label a glorified breakfast, a good brunch is so much more than eloquently prepared eggs. This underrated, in-between meal can be a culinary experience—and one that will cost you less than a typical evening dinner date.

Clinton Street is the rare brunch joint that requires a long wait to just get in the place (and they don't accept reservations). Let her know beforehand to expect a wait—you can use this time to talk each other up. Which brings us to another brunch advantage: it's low pressure. A brunch runs anywhere between one and two hours and doesn’t necessitate doing anything afterwards (though you should keep some activities in your back pocket if you want to extend the afternoon).

A third important brunch advantage: it's one of those times when it is perfectly acceptable to drink during daylight hours. For a first date, when nerves may need to be settled and inhibitions lowered, this is a must. Any brunch spot worth its weight in maple syrup will offer a stellar cocktail menu. But research drink menus online beforehand, and check if your state or city has any "blue laws" regarding serving alcohol on a Sunday morning—New York City actually does, but it's blissfully ignored for the most part.

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