What Kim K Could Teach Kirstie Alley About Sex Appeal

Kim Kardashian and Kirstie Alley
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Kim Kardashian would never be a size zero and she is sexy! So, maybe Kirstie should listen up!

Kirstie Alley is someone who's known for two things: her role on Cheers and for her always changing weight —one day it's up, the next it's down. So, last night's comment did catch us a little off guard when she talked about her size.

Alley joked that on the new season of Dancing With the Stars: All Stars she didn't exactly care about winning. She said, "I don't give a you-know-what about the mirror ball, I want to just be a size zero like the other girls on the show." She went on to joke that she'd be happy if she were a zero for even just one day saying,  "I don't even care if the next day I balloon up to a two." Why Dancing With The Stars' Maks And Karina Split

First of all, since when is a size two a "balloon?" While maybe some women would love to be a zero, more women dream of having the curves of a Kardashian. Logging on to Instagram or Twitter, you'll see the Kardashian sisters (mostly Kim, of course) showing off how sexy it can be to be curvy and confident. The main lesson here would be to own what you've got. They sure do! Kirstie can, too!

Alley's health has increased since DWTS and she's even developed her own weight loss program called Organic Liaison. Alley loved doing the show back on season 12, where she shed 100 pounds and moved from a size 16 to a size six. Not only is dancing fun, but it made Alley healthier! Hopefully, this season will as well! We know that humor works for her, and we are so happy she's been able to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Tune in to see her and her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy dance away this season!

Tell us: Do you think Kirstie Alley can make it to win the mirror ball on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars?

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