New Book 'Denting The Bosch' Explores Infidelity & Wanting It All

denting the bosch
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A tale of crumbling marriages, friendships and the cherry-on-top expectations of the American dream.

What do you do when the future you were so certain of crumbles overnight?

That's the premise of the new novel, Denting The Bosch by Teresa Link. The story follows three empty nesters who are more than free to enjoy their golden years with their spouses, but instead, are presented with certain crossroads—spurred by infidelity, money woes and shifting desires—that change their lives forever.

Sounds too deep to be true? Well, YourTango recently caught up with the woman behind the latest literary phenomenon, Teresa Link, to probe her thoughts on divorce, infidelity, relationships ... and everything in-between.

1. Why did you title this book Denting the Bosch?
A friend of mine, a wonderful novelist named Jincy Willet, read my draft and she kept referring to it as "denting the bosch," which I thought was a joke. After a while she said to me, "That's the name of your book," and at that point it became the name. I went along with her idea.

2. Why did you feel this story needed to be told? What was your inspiration?
There was so much chaos going on with the financial meltdown and so many of my friends' marriages were breaking up; I thought that there was something strange going on in the world. It was an interesting time to be alive — it seemed to be a kind of virus spreading to so many different people I knew. I felt there was a story in there that was unique to our time, and that's what spurred me to write the novel … it was really fun to write. Get Real: How Are Finances Affecting Your Love Life?

3. Which of these characters can you most identify with and why?
You know it's really funny, people ask me that all the time and there are basically two answers to that: the first is, "None," and the second answer is, "All of them!" I think I related to whoever I was writing about at the time, including the men.

4. Each of the characters is yearning for something that seems unattainable, even though everything else seems perfect in their lives. What advice do you have for people who feel like something's missing in their life but they just can't quite grasp what that is?
Oh boy, that's a really hard question. Well, I think most of us would do really well if we were to be grateful for what we have and stop thinking that we could do better. That was certainly true in the case of Maggie. I also think it's important for people to be really honest about their relationship. No matter how much you think you need it, if the relationship is based on dishonesty, then you have to make the choice on whether you can live with that … I would say it's important for people to spend time with themselves and ask themselves these important questions.

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