Ladies: Men Think You're Sexier When You're Ovulating

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Single and looking? Go out dancing while you're ovulating and see what happens.

If you're single and looking, you should go out dancing when you're ovulating — your fertility peak of the month. Seriously. For reasons only our ovaries know, men find ovulating women to be better dancers and therefore, overall sexier.

Some German researchers set out to prove this theory by having a group of guys watch videos of both ovulating and non-ovulating ladies walking and dancing. Their task was to rate these women based on their level of attractiveness (difficult task, fellas). To make sure the men weren't completely focused on looks, they only showed them the silhouettes of the women in question.

The winners? The ovulating ladies! It's as though the men could smell them through the TV, and their inner instinct to knock them up went into high gear. And we think we're so far superior to all other animals on the planet, when the truth is that at the end of the day we, just like all other species, act on our animal desire to keep the species alive, and going and going like some sort of deranged Energizer Bunny without an off switch.

Ladies, it turns out our ovaries are at the helm, and we're just sitting pretty in the passenger seat.  

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