Jessica Biel Hasn't Even Made A Dent In Her Wedding Plans

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The 30-year-old actress reveals she's in no hurry to become Mrs. Justin Timberlake.

Despite all of the rumors that Jessica Biel and fiance Justin Timberlake are planning to tie the knot this year in a lavish ceremony in California, the 30-year-old Total Recall actress revealed in a new interview that she has literally done "almost nothing" when it comes to her wedding plans.

"I'm just enjoying being engaged," she said to the Chicago Sun-Times. "I do feel like there is a lot of time and nothing needs to be rushed," she said, adding, "Everyone tells me that being engaged is the really special moment."

Jessica and Justin became engaged last December after four years of on-and-off dating, and the actress debuted her enormous engagement ring this spring. Jessica Biel Had "No Say Whatsoever" On Her Huge Engagement Bling

However, while she supposedly hasn't figured out a color scheme or sent out the invites just yet, Jessica already has been given some advice about planning a wedding:

"What everyone has told me is... things just go wrong, so you just have to be cool about everything. I'm sure when and if it ever happens, I will freak out about something as everybody probably does," she said to Extra.

Considering that she has several more movies to promote this year and next, we wonder when Jessica will ever find the time to plan her nuptials to JT!

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