Earth Day Is Here! Just How "Green" Are Online Daters?

earth day

Just in time for Earth Day, which is this Sunday, April 22, Jewish dating site JDate has surveyed hundreds of their members on going green. And hey, why not? After all, a couple that goes green together stays together.

Recycling is one of the most important aspects of going green, so JDate wanted to know what their members' recycling habits are. They found that:

1. Fortunately for us, 73 percent of the 567 polltakers claimed they are committed to recycling, and they recycle at home, at work and on the go. (Not too shabby!)

2. 20 percent of those polled answered that they are "half-hearted" about recycling, using recycling bins at work, but that's about it.

3. 7 percent have yet to jump on the recycling bandwagon, claiming they rarely, if ever, think about recycling. Maybe this article will spark an interest.

JDate also asked 523 users what adjustments they've made to lead a greener lifestyle. The responses:

1. 40 percent switched their light bulbs to CFLs, which use 75 percent less energy then a standard light bulb

2. 39 percent switched their plastic grocery bags for reusable grocery bags

3. 5 percent have compost bins in their homes However, 15 percent said they have "yet to make any adjustments" to their lifestyle in order to go green. Get on it, people!  

For more information on Earth Day, visit the Earth Day Network

Do you and your partner recycle? What adjustments have you made in your lifestyle to help the environment?

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