Gerard Butler Does The Dirty In the Nastiest Place On Earth

Gerard Butler Oscars 2012
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The actor apparently engaged in some disgusting behavior at Coachella!

Gerard Butler may be out of rehab and sober... but he's still out of his mind!

Over the weekend, the 300 star made sure to stay away from alcohol while partying at Coachella in Palm Springs. According to the New York Post, he spent time at the A/X Armani Exchange and T-Mobile Neon Carnival on Saturday, but he couldn't help himself when having fun with the ladies. The single 42-year-old was reportedly having a little fun with one brunette in particular. Did Gerard Butler Have A Steamy Hookup With Brandi Glanville?

According to the Post, Butler was dirty dancing with her. "The two were grinding like they were at a middle school dance," says the paper's source. "He didn't seem to care who was watching."

Then, the source says he/she watched Butler romantically take the brunette inside of the outdoor venue's Porta-Potties, and well... you can imagine what went on in there. 11 Public Places With The Most Germs

Butler may have a fancy Scottish accent and know how to woo the ladies, but having sex in a Porta-Potty? GROSS!

C'mon, even Lindsay Lohan wouldn't do that!

Tell us: have you ever done the dirty in a public place?

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