Love Bytes: Can You Get "Too Comfortable" In A Relationship?

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Plus, how to Pinterest your wedding PROPERLY.

People take their relationships with their pets very seriously. Sometimes to the exclusion of human relationships. But is the reputation of the crazy cat lady an earned one? Here are nine tips for sensible women to merge feline companionship with boyfriend cohabitation. (BuzzFeed)

I don't care what Hoarders tells you: Just cuz she's got cats doesn't mean she's crazy! (HowAboutWe)

Stop me if you heard this one. A lady in White Plains, NY wanted a sweet wedding bad enough that she pretended to have cancer to get people to pay for it. (Huffington Post)

You thought you knew how to Pinterest your wedding? Well, here's how to do it properly. (Tecca)

10 ways summer weather makes your sex life awesome (just don't get sand where you pee). (Em & Lo)

Crud. Facebook says summer is when you're likeliest to get dumped. (HowAboutWe)

Happy wife, happy world? Prez Obama talks dating. (The Daily Beast)

What happens when your husband works really crazy hours? The ballad of the married, single mom. (Parenting)

Is sex addiction real? What we're missing about male sexuality. (Good Men Project)

Can you really be "too comfortable" in a relationship? (Glo)

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