5 Tips For Watching Sports With Your Guy If You Don't Have A Clue

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So, you don't know that much about why he loves March Madness—no worries. Here's how to deal.

There is this stereotypical perception out there that women are total nags when their guys are trying to watch the big game. She's asking what color paint swatch would look best on the dining room walls, prodding him about where he left the vacuum, insisting that he kill that massive spider, basically doing everything but letting him watch the game... And eventually, when she finally gives up on getting his undivided attention and decides to just sit down and watch it with him, she's asking questions during key plays, making him miss the game-winning jumper six feet off the three-point line...

Oh, no. You. Didn't. Just know, seeing that epic moment live is everything. He dies a little inside if he misses it and can't quite feel the same rush as his buddies when they rehash it the next day at work. March Madness Time: 5 Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves Sports

And I know it's stereotypical, but to a certain extent, ladies can cause a few distractions. We've all been guilty of it at one point or another, right? And that's not good. Men need their sports. They live and breathe their favorite teams. For as long as there have been gender roles, sports have been guys' "thing." As a woman who enjoys a great athletic competition, and has watched plenty of games with a group of dudes, here are a few dos and don'ts for watching the game, especially during jam-packed March Madness, with your man.

DO: Watch it with him. Go ahead! Sit down and watch the ball game with your guy. Really. He won't mind your company and will appreciate the fact that you're genuinely trying to take an interest in something he holds dear. Make it a date

DON'T: Ask questions during the action. Nothing annoys men more than if you—or anyone else, for that matter—are continually talking during the action of a big game. Your guy is trying to watch every single play, and when the clock is running, the only commentary he wants to hear is coming from the dudes on ESPN. You never know when a running back will break through a hole in the line and run for an 80-yard touchdown, or a point guard will cut through the paint for a three-point play. If you have a question, you can totally ask it—just wait for a timeout, commercial or other break in game action. 

DO: Offer understanding. If his team is playing like they were all plucked from a rec league, let him tell you about it. If he jumps up and lets out a "YEAH!" when Prince Fielder sends the ball sailing over the fence, give him a high five. Just let him know you're there to listen as he talks about poor play calls, and on board when his team does well. He just wants to know you get that even though it's just a game, it is still important. See the next page for more tips!

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DON'T: Take offense to a bad mood. If the guys your man is rooting for aren't exactly turning in a stellar performance, he might be a little surly. Don't take offense if he's a bit snappy if you ask a question just after a heated moment in the match, or if screams at the TV—as if every single player can hear him. This happens frequently, and is just another part of the game. No worries. He will soon be back to normal.

DO: Soak it all in. I had a dad and brother who taught me a lot about sports, but I was able to learn a ton just by observing. You can, too! So, sit back and take it in. You'll catch onto any game pretty fast if you watch enough, and take note of recurring or rare plays; like in basketball, it's a travel if a guy takes an extra step without dribbling; in football, it's a safety if a player is tackled in his own end zone; in hockey, it's icing if a player sends a puck past two red lines... Soak up knowledge on your own, and you'll eventually be impressing your guy on a regular basis with your own insights on the game. 

Do you like watching sports with your guy or do you retreat to a "girl cave?"