10 Reasons We're Loving "The Flip Side" Videos

10 Reasons We're Loving The Viral Video Series, "The Flip Side"
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These YouTube gems are flipping the bar scene and dating as we know them on their heads.

What would happen if men and women switched gender roles, so that men were the ones getting hit on in the bar and spending their Saturdays obsessively shopping, and women were the ones who had to pay cover, use cheesy pickup lines and leave the toilet seat up?

Such is the world that Director Jay Diaz and friends created in two viral YouTube videos: The Flip Side (Bar) and The Flip Side (Dating). Eerily similar to the former viral video phenomenon, "Sh*t Girls Say"—which magnifies the stereotypical things that many females often do say in hilarious fashion—The Flip Side makes fun of the stereotypical gender roles of men and women by (you guessed it!) flipping them on their heads.

At face value, pretty much anyone who has ever been to a bar or dated someone can find humor in the situations that happen in this alternate world. A guy saying he wants you to buy him a raspberry kamikazi? A girl, er, finishing too soon during a hot makeout session?

Instead of taking these videos way too seriously (which we're sure is not why they were made or why they're spreading like wildfire) we'll point out instead the ridiculous reasons why these two videos are making us laugh... and then we can all continue our days in the real, not flipped world!

1. Because it sucks to wait in a long line to get into a bar no matter who you are.

2. "Sausage fest" we've heard of, but "taco fest"? That's a new one.

3. We thought the only time we'd ever see boys fist-pumping in the middle of a circle of girls was on Jersey Shore.

4. Chest hair is sexy, dammit! But, maybe not that much...

5. Hey, the "walk of pride" shouldn't be gender-specific and is nothing to be ashamed of! It happens to the best of us.

6. That being said, fellas have it way easier in the footwear department the morning after.

7. What DO you say when someone says "I love you" and you just aren't there yet?

8. Opening doors: it's far-and-wide a lost courtesy that's always appreciated... by everyone.

9. Bartering – there's a way to do it in every relationship. Some call it compromise, we call it getting what you want.

10. Seriously, if a Zach Galifianakis lookalike walked by you at a bar, you would stare too.

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Photo Credit: The Flip Side/hypervocal.com