6 Fun Valentine's Day Ideas For Singles

Valentine's Day cupcake

Tips for single-gal activities on Valentine's Day.

Single on Valentine's Day? Have no fear! Here are some fun things to do.

Treat Yourself
Ask a pessimist about Valentine's Day and they'll tell you it's a "Hallmark Holiday" created to stimulate the economy by encouraging gift-giving on an otherwise regular day. That's why the tradition on V-Day is to buy a significant other a gift or two. Well, if V-Day is about shopping, why not then, as an independent and single woman, treat yourself? Buy yourself that gorgeous piece of jewelry you've been coveting or a hair appointment at that expensive salon — whatever you choose, you've earned it, baby!

Treat Another
Your mom, your dad, your sister, your best friend, the cute guy you always see eating alone at the diner — take the money saved from not buying a Valentine's Day gift and use it to show someone else you care.

Celebrate Anyway
Some Negative Nancies will throw anti-Valentine's Day shindigs to prove to the world that they don't support such a "ludicrous" holiday. Not you, my single friend. Gather your friends and family for a par-tay at your house. Focus on the fact that being single is not a negative thing (despite how Feb. 14 may make you feel).

Host an Anti V-Day Bash
But if you are still really against Valentine's Day, host a party that proves you won't buy into Hallmark cards, boxes of chocolate or bouquets of roses. Nope, you're going to bash a heart-shaped piñata, hang up skull-and-crossbows lanterns, drink a gallon of sangria and hang with your also-single best friends.

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