Is Russell Brand Writing A Tell-All About Katy Perry?

Is Russell Brand Writing A Tell-All About Katy Perry?

What the singer's estranged hubby is plotting is unforgivable in Perry's eyes.

Whatever happened in Katy Perry's short 14-month marriage could be cause for concern. First, Russell Brand blindsides the gorgeous blue-eyed Perry with a divorce on December 30. And now, the the 36-year-old actor is planning to write a tell-all memoir, according to Us Weekly.

A pal tells the magazine, "Katy is insulted and feels betrayed that Russell has treated her so poorly. She will never forgive him. Ever." 5 Reasons Russell Brand & Katy Perry's Divorce Was Inevitable

The 27-year-old singer known for her song "Firework" might not be able to forgive Brand for what he may reveal in his book. Perry is said to be in "panic mode," and according to Us, is back to working on her concert tour and trying to have "limiting… interactions" with her estranged hubby. We don't blame her!

Unfortunately, not all happy times are permanent. According to Us, a source said, "He's being so atrocious that she feels like she never knew him."  That we can understand! Did Katy Perry & Russell Brand Split Over Their Sex Life?

Ladies we can all learn from this: during a nasty breakup, things can turn very ugly very quickly. Perhaps Katy should've waited at least a few more years before telling everything to her beau? 

Tell us: How would you handle marriage secrets coming to light?

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