Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Make Nice For Public Appearance

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Make Nice For Public Appearance

At least the former couple seem open to being together for work!

Jennifer Lopez, 42, and Marc Anthony, 43, are together again... for work purposes.

The couple, who had a messy split in July, are now battling over custody arrangements for their 3-year-old twins. However, the pair appeared to be quite comfortable coming together for a public appearance promoting their Spanish reality competition show, O'Viva! Are Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony At War Over Their Kids?

According to Us Weekly, J. Lo looked "sexy in a blue leather dress with cutouts," and was helped by her soon-to-be ex-husband while ascending the stage. Anthony didn't look so bad himself up there with her. They were positioned near one another in director's chairs and their body language seemed to be comfortable. At one point, Lopez tapped on Anthony's arm and he returned the tapping later on.

Regardless of their divorce, they seem like good friends, or at least comfortable enough to be in the same room. As we know, both have moved on to younger counterparts. Hey Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Has A Hot New Fling, Too!

According to Us, when asked by reports what it was like to work with Anthony again, Lopez said, "Same as it was any other time we worked together. We have a great time working together."

Good for them! They are setting a good example of professionalism for other broken couples who have to still work together. 

Do you think you'd be able to work with your ex?

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