Aww! Did Prince William Really Give Kate A Puppy?

Aww! Did Prince William Really Give Kate A Puppy?
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The royal couple was spotted taking a stroll with a possible new addition to their family!

We've already played a guessing game about what Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton should name their future baby, and now it seems it's time to speculate about what the royal couple should name their new dog!

Prince William and Kate were recently photographed taking a (chilly) walk on the beach in North Wales accompanied by a cute, black-haired pup!

According to People, the prince, who had a black Labrador named Widgeon when he was a child, was rumored to have given Kate a puppy for Christmas, but with her birthday only a few days before the photo was taken, their new, furry friend could have also been a present for Kate's 30th birthday. Is Prince William Planning To Give Kate A Puppy For Christmas?

Either way, it looks like the future monarch and his bride are in full nesting mode! Getting a dog together is usually a good sign that a couple is ready to settle down and raise a family, and while there are no more details about the dog, we're dying to know if it's really theirs to keep and what the couple will name it! Sir Widgeon the Second?

CelebLovers, what should Prince William and Kate name their dog?

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