Love Bytes: Redheads, No One Wants Your Sperm

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Plus: Are pro athletes likelier to engage in domestic violence? And, 6 words NOT to say on a date.

Inexplicably, sperm banks are real things. In some places, they will pay a man cash on the barrelhead for his issue. And because only fresh stuff will do the trick, the sample must be issued on the premises. Everyone wins, right? Wrong. Society's most maligned sub-group, redheads, have been told by Danish sperm bank to keep their ginger DNA to themselves. You'll be sorry when we're all gone. [(The redheaded) Editor's note: I completely, wholeheartedly, agree, Tom. This is what I call a sad panda development.] (Village Voice)

You don't see a lot of redheads in the ranks of professional athletes and maybe that makes them better husbands. Evidently, there may be a link between professional athleticism and domestic violence. Watch out, Kim Kardashian. He may yet get his revenge for you talkin' smack about his family. (Jezebel)

There are guys you don't want to date and there are guys you don't want to date. But should websites and guerrilla advertising be created to specifically call these dastardly dudes out? (Simone Grant)

There are bad people to date and there are some people who are just bad at dating. Not having any plans is a very good way to be categorized as the latter. Don't be that loser! (How About We)

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