Confronting a man


How do I tell him how I feel without ruining a good friendship?

My band recently broke up after 2 months of being together. I've been crushing on the lead singer since the moment we met. I enjoy spending my time with him talking about our spirituality and musical interest. Even his co-worker, a lady I had met a few years back mentioned randomly that we have the same vibe without knowing we knew each other.

Lately, I've noticed he's been a little confusing. He would ask me to call him up the next day to hang out the fallowing day but make up plans saying he's busy and might call back later. I tried to forget about him for a while trying a couple online dating sites, the band soon found out and so did he. He told me how much he doesn't agree it. 

When we were at a music festival together, I tried sliding my hand on his to see his reaction but he kept a straight face. At the time I had a feeling it was because he didn't want a relationship to mix with a band. The band is over, with still a little further discussion ahead of us. 

How do I tell his guy my feelings? He's not the type to understand little messages. I want to be able to fully move on.