Women Lose Sleep Over Finances, Men Don't

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With our economy tanking even further thanks to the unstable stock market and the recent debt ceiling crisis, our wallets have taken a serious hit. But our shopping habits all that's been harmed thanks to economic woes. Our health may be taking a hit, too.

A new study from Manilla.com revealed that financial worries are causing women to lose sleep at night. Men, however, seem unaffected.

Of the 1,000 working men and women who took part in the survey, one in three women admitted to enduring a night without any sleep thanks to nagging thoughts of money problems. It was the top trigger for sleeplessness for women, followed by to-do lists and work stresses. Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

Meanwhile, 30 percent of the men surveyed revealed that "nothing" is keeping them awake at night.

Ironically, these findings go against the archaic concept of men being the primary breadwinners in the family. Long gone are the days when men were worried about how much money was coming in; instead, they are sleeping pretty every night while their hard working spouses are tossing and turning wondering if the economy is going to affect their 401k's.

Now, that might be somewhat of a stretch—we're sure men have some financial woes. The survey was skewed a bit, as 70 percent of the respondents were women. But it's still a valid reflection of the shift in responsibilities in the American household. Sixty-six percent of women are making the financial decisions in their households. Add that on top of a regular job, housework, taking care of the kids and all of life's other stresses, and it's no wonder we aren't sleeping at night. Must-Read Tips For Combining Your Finances

Of course, we still live longer than men, which should provide some relief when hitting the hay each night. Hopefully as the economy recovers, so will our ability to get a full night's sleep.

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