Sara Gilbert And Partner Of 10 Years, Allison Adler, Break Up

Sara Gilbert
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What makes you want to leave your partner after ten long years and two children? Only Sara Gilbert and her partner, Allison Adler, will know the exact reason when it comes to their relationship. The former Roseanne star, 36, and the  producer-writer for Glee, 44, have decided to break things off, according to People.

The couple, who started their romance in 2001, had a rep release a statement saying their decision is "completely amicable,"  and that they will be sharing custody of their 6-year-old son, Levi, and his younger sister, Sawyer, 4.

As the co-host and executive producer of The Talk with Sharon Osbourne, perhaps Gilbert will open up about the breakup and explain why she and Adler have decided to go their separate ways. She's been known to talk about more personal things on the show. 5 Reasons We'd Take Sara Gilbert's Love Advice

"I've been acting my whole life, and I've never really discussed my personal life," she said last year when asked about The Talk. "This is a talk show...So obviously I'm going to be discussing my life more."

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On the other hand, this split can fade away like so many Hollywood breakups do — with little to no explanation. We're sorry to hear about your split, ladies.