Work Late? You Probably Don't Have Enough Sex

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As if being sleep-deprived isn't bad enough, late-shift workers aren't getting any nookie either.

Your job could have a negative impact on your sex life. About 15 million Americans work crazy long or late hours, and a recent study reveals that 30 percent of those people have concerns about their sex lives.

The survey, conducted by Men's Health Network and Cephalon, polled workers with non-traditional hours. In addition to a lack of lovin', 47 percent are worried about their energy and most haven't sat down to a family dinner in two weeks. Talk about getting screwed! ... or not, as the case may be. /node/78893

Work takes a huge toll on their social lives, too. 60 percent of shift workers have empty social calendars because they don't get invited out, which, in turn affects how many people they meet—a major concern for singles. Plus, even if they do meet people, they're likely to be in a bad mood. Frustration, anxiety and anger are all feelings that the non-nine-to-five workers reported. ONE DAY Movie Contest: Tell A Love Story, Win Free Flicks & More

When workers finally muster up a smile and take a night off, they just might pass out during the party. Although 72 percent of those surveyed think tiredness comes with the job, there is a clinical explanation—shift work disorder. This medical ailment is characterized by excessive sleepiness at work and insomnia when it is time to sleep, and it's super unhealthy.

So, if you're burning the midnight oil at work, but have a partner waiting at home, we suggest a little late-night sex after your shift. You may be tired, but it's good for your health. And make sure you check out our tips on how to squeeze in more sex: Short On Time? 10 Ways To Squeeze In More Sex

How does your job affect your sex life?