The Bachelorette Episode 7: Then There Were Six

Bachelorette Episode 7
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Tonight's riveting episode begins with the six remaining bachelors traveling to Taiwan, where Ashley gets down to the business of boy shopping with three one-on-one dates and one group date. Constantine scores the first date card and the duo hops a train to a tiny town where they annoy locals, eat Chinese food and make out. The Bachelorette Episode 6: The Return Of Bentley

The next day and into the night, Ashley whisks Ben off on a moped where they explore the terrain, eat Chinese food and make out. Little does Ben (or the other boys) know, he ends up spending the night and coming home the next morning, which really gets JP's "manties" in a bunch.

When Ben enters the hotel suite looking smug and not talking much, JP, who has spent days moping over the fact that other dudes are macking on his lady, is so infuriated he leaves the room. But not for long, because up next is the group date, and he's on it, along with Ames and Lucas.

Ashley takes them to a wedding photographer and forces her paramours to don truly disastrous wedding gear. JP lucks out and gets a tux, but he just won't stop complaining about how much group dates blow. Later, the doting "I Do'ers" continue to woo their lady in hopes of obtaining a rose. After JP tells Ashley how much it sucks to live without her, she gives it to him.

The next day, after countless group dates, Ryan finally gets his first one-on-one. He's ready to fall in love and whisk Ashley off her feet with his wit, humor and manliness, but she isn’t sure how strong her feelings are for him—or, if she wants to meet his family. After they visit a temple, eat dim sum and have an extremely long conversation about water heaters, it becomes clear that Ashley is not into him. So, instead of waiting for the rose ceremony, she cuts Ryan loose right there. He doesn't take it well.

The next night at the rose ceremony, the guys are freaked out. They thought Ryan was a shoe-in. No one feels safe, especially when Ashley opts to skip the cocktail party and get down to business. The result? She sends Lucas packing.

OK, now that we got that boring episode where nothing of note happened out of the way, here's the real dirt: Emily Maynard is back! In a random interview (probably because they're preening her to be the next Bachelorette), Emily sits down for a heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison and talks about her breakup with Brad Womack. Emily Maynard Would Be The Best Bachelorette Of All Time

She steps out of the limo already crying. Gorgeous as usual, she unloads her emotions upon and finally confesses what the world already knows: she and Brad are no longer engaged. Apparently, Brad ended up not being as into her as he was on the show, because she implied that he didn't make her feel like he would stick around in the long run. So why bother telling us? She was sick of being run down by the paparazzi, and wants her life back. Understandable, but… deal with it lady, you went on a national TV show.  

And you probably will again.

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A preview of next week's episode: Hometown dates with JP, Ames, Constantine and Ben.