Tony Romo Was A Hands-On Groom During Wedding Preparations

Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback planned the playlist, and presumably the menu, for his wedding day.

... And they say grooms aren't nearly as involved as they should be while their brides are planning those lavish nuptials. Psssh. Whatever. 

Tony Romo was a major influencer in the day's events when he wed Candice Crawford (that's Gossip Girl-star Chace's little sis, FYI) over the weekend. According to Yahoo's The Shutdown Corner, although Todd Fiscus officially planned the wedding, Tony planned some important aspects himself, including the playlist for the evening. Tony Romo Ain't 'The Marrying Kind'

"Tony picked out every song, and when it plays, and what the keynote things are," Fiscus said.

And just try and tell us the Cowboys quarterback didn't have a hand in the menu. Some of the main dishes were pizza and short ribs... which sure sounds like a football player's—or really, any male's—doing to us.

Don't cry for Candice, though. She was allowed to plot and plan her own nuptials, as well. The girl got to work on the most important part of the wedding agenda, for any bride, all by herself—the dress! (Well, OK. Some designers did help her a bit.) She worked closely with Dallas design house St. Pucchi on this gorgeous, off-white gown with a plunging neckline and Queen Anne collar. Jessica Simpson Thinks Tony Romo Rules

The designers had nothing but glowing words for the blushing bride: "Working with Candice on her wedding gown was a true pleasure," designer Rani Totman told E! Online. "It was an incredible experience watching the dress come to life on her. Candice has a true eye for styles that accentuate her natural beauty."

Can't wait to see official pics of this true Texas wedding... the quarterback gets hitched to his beauty queen! We wish the two love birds all the best.