5 Ways To Tell That You're On A Date

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There's "hanging out" and there's "dating." Here's the difference.

Calling all single menfolk of the world. Hello. Hi. How are you? Good. Great! Can we talk about DATES for a moment? Lately there have been a lot of you dudes banging on my door, asking me to "hang out." This is a wonderful thing. Only problem is, some of you have dropped the ball on making me aware that it is in fact a date and not a wrap session where two buddies make jokes about farting. It's fun to make new friends, but it's more fun to make new friends who might want to rip my clothes off at some point. If you'd like me to consider you as a potential romantic partner, if you'd like me to wear a sexy dress that shows off my gams, if you'd like to receive a smooch (possibly even with tongue!) at the end of the night, there are a few things you can do to clue me into your master plan. After the jump, five ways you can alert me that you'd like to be more than buddies. The Frisky: 10 Ways Guys Can Ensure A Successful Date Before It Begins

1. Make a plan, Stan. The difference between "hanging out" and "a date" is all in the planning. Hanging out is a spontaneous activity that friends do together. Agreeing on a time and place in advance is a date. Asking me out in advance indicates interest AND gives me the time I need to be looking hot when we meet (my bikini region needs prep time). If you pick a restaurant and it's one that I like, you will be one step closer to seeing that well-prepped bikini region. Lucky you.

2. Compliments work. Would it hurt to tell me I look nice when you see me when I spent too much time fussing over my eyeliner? No, it most definitely would not. Hint: if you compliment me on my eyes/dress/smile/whatever I will know that you find me attractive. What a concept.

3. Do chivalrous crap. I know ladies have mixed opinions on this chivalry business. I personally enjoy it in moderation. Opening doors, putting your hand near my lower back, letting me order first, those are sweet things you can do to let me know that you view me as a woman and not a frat brother. The Frisky: Dealbreaker: The Dirty Talker

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