Raunchy Photos Of Christina Aguilera Surface

Christina Aguilera at the Golden Globes
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In another blow for Christina Aguilera, raunchy pictures of the "Dirrty" songstress have now surfaced. Radar Online was approached by a man looking to sell the scandalous pics, claiming he'd picked them up discarded in a French hotel room. The site confirmed they are indeed snaps of Xtina.

The pictures date back to last year, from June to November of 2010, before Christina's recent erratic behavior—an arrest, a spill onstage at the Grammys and that now-infamous lyric flub at the Super Bowl. There are several photos of Aguilera partying it up at Nicole Richie's bachelorette party, and intimate photos of the singer laying in bed with boyfriend Matt Rutler. Christina Aguilera And Her Boyfriend Matt Rutler Are Arrested

According to Radar Online, some of the photos include: "Aguilera with two naked men who appear to be strippers performing at another bachelorette party, which Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson also attended; Aguilera mimicking performing oral sex on an unidentified male who is holding a sex toy; Aguilera dancing on a table with friends at a private dinner; Aguilera mimicking an oral sex act on a chocolate covered banana at a theme park; and Aguilera posing for before-and-after make-up shots."

A different set of compromising photos hit the internet last December, showing Christina in "various stages of undress." Needless to say, the star has reason for concern that these might wind up on the web, as well. Post-Divorce Christina Aguilera Is A Mess

It's unclear whether Xtina is the latest victim of a hacking ring under investigation by the FBI, with more than 50 other celebs and high-profile politicians affected, or whether these snaps actually were just tossed out and then recovered. Either way, we hope this woe is the last for Ms. Aguilera... It's been a seriously rough couple months of poor press for her, in the wake of some questionable antics. With whispers of alcohol problems, we definitely think it's time for the singer to lay low and recover out of the public eye.

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