The Adjustment Bureau: Do You Believe Fate Leads Us To The One?

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt in The Adjustment Bureau
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I've never thought the idea of The One was very fair or mathematically feasible. If each of us had one perfect love out of the billions of people on Earth, what are the odds he or she would ever be found? Even in the age of online dating and Facebook stalking, I'm pretty sure a soul mate in Zimbabwe is out of reach.

I also don't like the implications surrounding the idea of The One: that anyone else is not The One, that almost all of us are going to settle for less than our true love and that The One is a constant. I prefer to think of love in terms of The Ones. They're separate beads on a necklace. We're meant to lose some. They sometimes clash with what we're wearing. They're not ever going to be perfect for all of who we are. If He Does These 5 Things, There's A Huge Chance He's THE ONE

The sci-fi romance thriller The Adjustment Bureau explores these ideas with style, action, and some intense on-screen chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. (And yes, even your boyfriend will like it!) Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, the film follows two extraordinary people who fall in love. David Norris (Damon) is a New York Congressman who's just lost his run for Senate. Elise Sallas (Blunt) is a modern dancer. They don't know this when they meet randomly in the men's room of a hotel—David's practicing his concession speech while Elise hides from hotel security after crashing a wedding—but their lives are already planned. And falling in love with each other is not in the cards.

But that doesn't keep the two from feeling an instant connection. David asks for Elise's number. Fate forces him to lose it. Literally—agents of fate called The Adjustment Bureau are assigned to keep people on plan. When David's fate agent, Harry (Anthony Mackie), falls asleep on the job years later and forgets to thwart David's path with a coffee spill, destiny loses its grip. David sees Elise randomly and vows not to lose her again.

The inner workings of this crazy plot are revealed (well, kind of) when David is abducted by The Adjustment Bureau, led by Richardson (John Slattery). The congressman doesn't meet the God-like figure, The Chairman, but the underlings fill him in: David's on his way to becoming president, but not if he's with Elise. Their love would put his political ambitions on the back burner. And Elise's dreams will die if she's with David. Oh, and if David reveals The Adjustment Bureau to anyone, there are serious consequences.

So what's a person in love to do?

Except for the chase scenes with men in suits, we all deal with these questions. Who hasn't met "the right person at the wrong time"? (Story of my life!) Long-term relationships inevitably involve sacrifices, and sometimes we're not comfortable making them. Other times we take the risk.

Check out The Adjustment Bureau in theaters now to find out what happens with David and Elise. In the meantime, you're allowed to ponder each step you take.

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Is every traffic jam, early arrival, and opportunity presented part of a plan or just another choice in a life of free will? Do you believe in The One?