Is Natalie Portman's Fiance Too Busy For Her?

Image of Natalie Portman

Benjamin Millipied is rumored to be an absent daddy-to-be.

Natalie Portman is having quite the year. The actress is a front-runner for the Best Actress Oscar, and she has her first baby on the way. But if the gossip is to be believed, she may not have what a pregnant lady needs the most: a man in the house for those late night ice cream runs.

According to Celebitchy, Benjamin Millipied is too busy to hang out with his high-powered fiancee. After calling Millipied, who is a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, "The Ballet K-Fed" (ouch!), they dish some very interesting info from an inside source who says, 'The pregnancy has not been very easy, partly because Benjamin is too busy with his career."

Apparently, the daddy-to-be has missed important doctor appointments and family events, and Portman is none too pleased. 'She wants him to be around more, but he's working nonstop, while her workload has slowed down. He is choreographing multiple ballets right now, and is scheduled for up to three years of work." Is Natalie Portman's Man A Scheming Social Climber?

We CelebLovers are of two minds about this piece of gossip. After all, Portman is a notorious go-getter. The girl quit making movies to go to Harvard after a successful carreer as a child actor. She seems like the type to value her partner's work ethic and artistic success, so we can't imagine her throwing a hissy that her man wants to keep working while she gestates.

Then again, this is her first child. Maybe the pregnancy is a lot more difficult than she expected it to be, and she's realizing that she needs more support and is annoyed that he's too overscheduled to provide it?

Or maybe it's less about time and more about commitment. 'Ben's career is at its prime," the Portman insider notes. 'But she's scared he's not excited about being a dad." We can't say we blame Natalie for being a little worried. Don't forget that when she met Benjamin, he was in another relationship (with ballerina Isabella Boylston, who he promptly left for Portman after the two met while working on Black Swan.)

A guy who ditched another girl for you might not be the best bet if you're looking to start a family, and we hope Natalie isn't realizing that a little too late. Pregnant Natalie Portman Gives Tearful Tribute to New Fiance

Whatever the truth is, we hope Benjamin does the right thing and makes time to support his fiancee!

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