Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Spent The Holidays Together

Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz

But are the actors compatible enough for their relationship to last?

Does dreamy, delicious Daniel Craig have a new Bond girl? (Get it? We’re calling her a "Bond girl" because he played James Bond. Also, we’re probably the first people ever to think of that. You’re welcome, world.) Apparently, Craig and actress Rachel Weisz were spotted spending a cozy Christmas together at a scenic English cottage.

By all accounts, they were practically devouring each other, so we’re going to go ahead and guess that they’re more than platonic. They’ve known each other for a few years, so one would think they’ve got a solid basis for a long-term relationship, but (to add a little rain to the parade) they’ve each got a failed marriage under their belts. Should we chalk it up to fickle instability or wisdom gained through life lessons? Moonit’s on the case.

According to their romantic analysis, Daniel Craig (born on March 2, 1968) and Rachel Weisz (born on March 7, 1970) can conquer any project together. When they join forces, these two are "like an all-purpose power tool on steroids."

"They’re so great at building, renovating, or deconstructing just about anything–be it a joint project, a community service endeavor or even a wedding–that Bob Vila would weep openly with joy." If that isn’t awesome enough, we’ll add a little icing to the happycake; "they have the ability to bring out the absolute best in each other and, like most great teams, it’s really rewarding for them to accomplish things together."

Aw! Yay! And guess what? The greatness just keeps on going. As friends, these two are "like a buddy-cop flick; they know each other’s moves by heart, trust each other’s instincts and work hand-in-glove right from the beginning (or, in their case, after a short adjustment period that consists of gratuitous jokes about each other’s accents)."

And if they decide to team up on the professional front, these "wicked overachievers" can "accomplish even more than their regular Herculean output": they can even "bring out each other’s intellectual curiosity" in the process. Wow–holy triple-threat, Batman.

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Photo Credit: Moonit