Too Many Otions To Stay Faithful To One Person

Tomorrow is going to be 15 months for me and my boyfriend. I've been seeing another guy for a few weeks, nothing much, dinner, movie, but our relationship slowly progressed into something more, we kissed, and the day before I came home for break we had sex. We haven't established a real relationship yet, but I know it's pretty much already there. He makes me happy but maybe it's just early relationship butterflies. He's much more established and mature than my boyfriend and despite his initial adversity to a relationship, I feel like he's allowed me in and we could have something really good for a while. However, to both him and my current boyfriend, I know that I wont be spending the rest of my life with either of them.

Reason: I've grown up past my relationship and I need something more. My boyfriend is getting clingy and his words are no longer endearing, they just annoy me. He's a good person though, and I was the one who asked him to stay so I'm finding it hard to let go.

by HoneyLavender

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