The Kim Kardashian Curse: Till Death (Or Success) Do Us Part

The Kim Kardashian Curse: Till Death (or Success) Do Us Part
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Why I'm breathing a sigh of relief for the reality star mogul.

When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce a mere 72 days after she tied the knot with NBA player Kris Humphries, my initial reaction wasn't one of shock. Instead, I breathed a sigh of relief for the reality star mogul. "FINALLY," I thought, "Kim has come to her senses." It's Over Already! Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce

It was pretty clear from Kim's Fairytale Wedding special that this was not a couple who should be getting married (kudos to her sister Khloe for having the guts to raise the red flag!) The couple, who seemed to brush off their tension as normal pre-wedding jitters, were seen constantly bickering and clashing over everything from their wedding registry to their lifestyle decisions. Kris was unwilling to relinquish any control over decision making, and Kim clung steadfastly to the wedding plans she admittedly had been making since she was ten-years old.

The crux of the power war between the two seemed to stem from Kim's budding career. She refused to change her last name for business reasons or to slow down her career for Kris, who clearly couldn't keep up with the Kardashians. In recent months, Kim has been photographed promoting her brand all over the United States and even on a visit to Dubai... without Kris.

Most poignantly, in an upcoming preview for the E! series Kim and Kourtney Take New York, Kim and Kris argue about where to settle down, with Kim asking how she can maintain her career in Kris's home state of Minnesota. Kris's response: "Baby, by the time you have kids and they're in school, nobody will probably care about you."

This hurtful, disrespectful dig says it all. It's something that no successful woman should ever have to settle for. Cue the divorce papers.

Kardashian haters and late night talk show hosts will have a field day poking fun at Kim's lavish wedding and alleged sham marriage that's ending so soon, but the reason behind the split—the struggle for successful Kim to find lasting love—is no laughing matter. Strong, Intimidating Women Who Do These 3 Things Turn Men OFF

We've seen it before, beautiful, rich and famous women in Hollywood who seem to have it all, but once they reach the top, they usually end up there alone with their love life paying the price. Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Hillary Swank, Reese Witherspoon, Halle Barry and more have all gone through major breakups at the pinnacle of their careers. This begs the question, do love and success mix? And more importantly, does a woman have to sacrifice her career for love? 

In my own quest for true love, I have often struggled with this question. As a lawyer and writer, I wonder whether I will be able to have the career I always wanted and still find lasting love. Like Kim, I have always been a hopeless romantic. I dream of marrying "the one" and having children someday, but "settling down" is not part of my plan. I can't imagine a life without love, but finding love and settling for a man who doesn't support my dreams of a thriving career is far from ideal. In fact, it is a recipe for a disaster: a short-lived, failed marriage. 6 Reasons To Put Love Before Your Career

Now that Kim and Kris's marriage is over, I will be rooting for her to find a man who can love and support her in everything she does, whether that be traveling the world or staying at home, on-camera or off. After all, I need for Kim to show me (and countless other women around the world) that love and success are compatible and not just a fairy tale.

Good luck, Kim! We will be watching. 

Do you think love and success are compatible or not?

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