Angry Single Blogger: Why Are We Still So Attracted To Bad Boys?

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Apparently, human women aren't the only ones down for the bad-boy ride. Penguins love them too...

It's a well-known (and somewhat sad and annoying) fact that us gals like to go for bad boys. The top dawgs, the reckless bad-asses who don't let society's rules keep them in place — yup, those are the kind of people lots of us want to date.

Turns out, this phenomenon is alive and well in the penguin community too! According to a new study, the way male penguins woo in the lady penguins is "impressive property." In order to create the type of home where ladies would want to lay down by the fire and make some babies, some fella penguins, when they eye-spy a fine-looking pebble in another man-penguin's nest, get their smooth criminal on and swipe it. Seems reasonable, no? And the lady penguins like it. I had no idea that female penguins were capable of being so shallow: We are talking about a super-cute breed of species that waddles, after all. Do Bad Girls Really Get All The Guys?

I once dated a bike messenger. He was always giving me these really beautiful art books. I was so impressed that with the small salary he was making, he was able to squirrel away enough to spend on these gorgeous books, which go for about $100 bucks a pop. One night, after he had too much to drink, he admitted he'd been stealing them from the desks of fancy CEOs and waiting areas of some of the top companies in the city. I was still impressed that he thought so highly of me as to risk his life and limb to make me swoon, as well as slightly turned on that he was so "bad." Granted, I was much younger than I am now, but I imagine it would still have the same effect on me now (sigh). Some of us never get over the bad boy thing.

I guess the point is, we're not too different from penguins. There are very few men I'd walk the grounds of Antarctica for, but maybe if I knew he was going through a ton of trouble to win me over and I had the appropriate winter gear, I would reconsider. Maybe.

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