Can Cheating Keep Your Marriage Together?

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One author says a man on the side, whether platonic or otherwise, can keep your union going strong.

In the literary classics, the woman who dares betray her husband suffers a predictable fate: death, suicide, social condemnation. Anna Karenina famously threw herself in front of a train. Emma Bovary, from the 1856 Flaubert classic, was driven to swallow arsenic. And then, of course, there was poor Hester Prynne—branded with a scarlet letter for mothering a child with another man.

Today's modern femme philanderers, if you believe a new book on the topic, take it all in stride.

"If you avoid getting caught, a little affair can perk up a marriage," says Lucy, a 50-something Californian.

"My husband is only capable of doing so much, and it's not enough," says Shauna, who keeps a garden landscaper on the side.

"A husband is your costar and a rock in your life," says Lana, a 59-year-old actress. "But if you're a multidimensional person, you need a lot of different colors on your palette."

Meet the women of The Secret Lives of Wives, the latest from journalist Iris Krasnow. Over the past three decades, Krasnow has documented marriage and family life—her first book, Surrendering to Motherhood, was a New York Times bestseller. Her later works have delved into the battle scars of matrimony, raising children, and family. But after 23 years of marriage and years listening to the complaints of long-married wives, she wondered: how do the successful ones keep it all together?

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