Demi and Ashton Try to Save Their Marriage With Counseling

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

He may have cheated on her, but it looks like the couple is trying to hold on.

Once news hit that Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore with 23-year-old Sara Leal (on his sixth wedding anniversary, no less), everyone assumed the pair would be splitting for good. One observer of Ashton's cheating ways, Megan McNutt, says of that fateful night, "It was pretty wild. All the girls were throwing themselves at him but Sara's a hot girl. They definitely had sex."

Adding to the breakup speculation was the report that earlier in September, Ashton moved out of the house he shared with the Ghost star because of her supposedly reawakened "substance abuse" problem. Ashton Kutcher Moves Out—But Is Demi Moore To Blame?

But now, news has surfaced from Radar Online that the much-talked about couple were seen together on Yom Kippur at a "campfire heart-to-heart in Santa Barbara." So the question remains: Are they getting a divorce? What Demi Should Know if the Ashton Rumors are True

We can't say yet, but we know Demi and Ashton have turned to Kabbalah to try to salvage their marriage. They signed up for counseling seven weeks ago, Radar reports. After leaving a Kabbalah service, the two were on good enough terms for Ashton and Demi to walk out with their "arms wrapped around the other's waists."

Ashton even sent Demi a friendly tweet on Monday night, wishing her luck on the premiere of the Lifetime movie she directed, Five.

Still, don't necessarily expect a reunion anytime soon. "The marriage is dead," a source is telling Star. "Demi desperately wanted to save their marriage. But the San Diego cheating scandal is a hard one for her to stomach, as it is backed up by photos. It humiliated Demi." Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore Won't Divorce

CelebLovers, do you think Ashton and Demi can bounce back from this scandal or are they done for good?

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