Seth Rogen And Lauren Miller's "Nonstop Fun" Wedding

Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller
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The funny man married his longtime girlfriend in a ceremony full of laughs.

According to Us Weekly, Seth Rogen, 29, married his long-time girlfriend, writer Lauren Miller, at Kunde Estate in Sonoma, California over the weekend! Seth Rogen Is Engaged!

Rogen's acting buddies like Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Craig Robinson, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann and more looked on as a female rabbi officiated the wedding ceremony, which was situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful wine country. After the vows, the bride and groom drove off in a convertible, en route to the reception.

"The wedding was more laughs than anything else," a source tells the magazine. "Every other line was a joke and the crowd couldn't contain their laughter. It was nonstop fun!"

Seth and Lauren, who've been dating since 2004, met when they both worked as writers on HBO's Da Ali G Show. Since then, she's had a couple of small roles in his films (Superbad, and more recently, 50/50). Seth popped the question in 2010, and later appeared on Conan O'Brien to reveal all the details. Turns out, as soon as he purchased the engagement ring, he got incredibly anxious. 8 Celebrity Couples Who Fell In Love At Work

"Literally, I felt like someone had given me like a truckload of heroin to hold onto," he said. "I felt like the feds were going to kick in my door at any second. I couldn't have a conversation with my girlfriend. All I could think of was this ring. Like 'Don't say Lord of the Rings! Don't mention anything about a ring!"

Too nervous to wait any longer, Seth apparently went straight upstairs and decided to propose, though things didn't go as planned. Lauren was in the middle of changing, so she was half naked for the big moment. Seth joked to Conan that he "figured the only appropriate thing was to place the ring on her nipple."

That's certainly a story for the grandkids! Seth Rogen's Marriage Proposal Was 'Superbad'

Congrats to the very funny and happy couple—we're sure their marriage will be full of laughs!

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