How to write a dating profile, Tips 1, 2 and 3.


As an ad writer and marketing expert, I provide real tips from real dating profiles.

Sometimes the best way to learn something is by seeing it in practice. As such, I hope the following online dating profile tips will help you. I’ve chosen three excerpts from online dating profiles that I found on two popular dating sites, and I’ve provided a critique of each one.

As an ad writer and marketing expert, I’m trained to make you stand out on everything from dating profiles to LinkedIn profiles and professional bios. For those who don’t or can’t use my services, I hope my blogs helpyou do it yourself. Some posts are about a particular aspect of online dating. Others, like this one, provide tips based on actual dating profiles that I’ve come across.

Profile 1
Well they say the 3rd time is the charm….so let’s hope it works this time!! I have been on here two times before. The first was with no success and the second well I thought I met Mr. Right but I guess was not right for him. And I move on…!!!!! I enjoy the beach, lake, or hanging by the pool! I enjoy sports watching and playing. I am laid back. I can dress up or down depending on the occasion. I can go out on the town, or just chill. Family is very important and I spend a lot of time with mine. If there is anything you would like to know please ask!!

Profile writing, tip 1.
Way to start a profile! She sounds like the girl nobody wants. Success begets success so please don’t start a profile about your romantic failures. Also “I move on…lol” – how is that laugh out loud funny? From there, she too goes into a list of activities rather than really bringing out her personality. Again, use anecdotes. Give readers a story. Give them a glimpse of a “day in the life” of being with you from your interests to your charming quirks.

Profile  2
There is no more time for mistakes in my life. We’ve all made them and I hope you, like I, have become more wise and selective. That includes an honest profile with current photos. If your main photo isn’t current and was put there to make you look younger, you’re not there yet.
My signifcant other will be a HAPPY person who is intelligent, caring and giving. She will be an honest and trustworthy friend who knows that once that bond is broken the relationship is over. She will take pride in her appearance and PROPORTIONAL WEIGHT.

Profile writing, tip 2

There’s an urgency about this man’s intro that makes me feel he’d rush into a situation and then, if it’s not perfect fast enough, he’d rush out just as quickly. With his talk of current photos, and his capitalization of happy and proportional, he sounds bitter and adamant. That he wants a happy, fit person with current photos is more than reasonable. However, there’s a whole sense of impatience and negativity to his approach. I also suspect he has unresolved issues of betrayal. Lots of red flags all-round.

Profile 3
I enjoy life. My friends would describe me as a nice and fun person who enjoys life and all it has to offer. I am kind, compassionate and loyal. I think it is important to treat people with dignity and respect. I believe that open-mindedness and communication are key to a healthy relationship. I’m looking for someone who is funny and can have a great time cycling, hiking and goiing to movies.

Profile writing, tip 3

There are no red flags to this profile. However, there’s nothing at all interesting about it. Being nice, kind and compassionate is nothing special. Those qualities merely add up to basic decency, which we should expect of ourselves and others anyway. In addition, though her interests are all really enjoyable, they’re nonetheless fairly mundane. Hence, she should feature them anecdotally, or by using some kind of approach that makes the read more dynamic.

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