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Love Bytes: Do Guys Like Going Down?

If not, maybe they're just scared they'll get cancer! 10 must-clicks on sex and love.

Don't miss these 10 must-click love and relationship links:

Sex Question: I'm afraid to let a guy to go down on me because I've heard men don't like performing oral sex. Is it true? [lemondrop]

Does oral sex cause cancer? [Asylum]

Is it a good idea to move in with a crush? [TheFrisky]

Learn how to get in shape "down there." [Em & Lo]

A girl asks College Candy's Dude for advice on whether or not she should date her T.A. Read his answer [College Candy]

Diddy does WHAT for 30 hours? [TresSugar]

Dr. Terri Orbuch talks about 4 relationship myths that everyone keeps spreading. [HuffingtonPost]

Cheating's a really big problem these days—Caroline Manzo of Real Housewives of New Jersey talks about preventing it [Glo]

Here's one for you lovers out there: Is sharing passwords with a partner ever a good idea? [Double X]

Sexual health issues to consider when taking a "friends with benefits." [AOL Health]



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